Toyota Reiz steering angle sensor internal fault, display fault code C1433. This problem will generally be more repair shop to meet. Junxiang today and we share the solution to this problem, maybe you will encounter over time.


Toyota VSC lights, anti-skid lights, with 431 read out the fault code is C1433, steering angle sensor internal circuit failure. This problem is generally due to power off the bottle, remove the steering wheel, change balloon hairspring, change the steering column, pull the plug and so on. In the case of handling, even if the replacement of the new steering angle sensor and gossamer can not solve the problem, but also the high cost of the price.

Junxiang provide the following solutions:

Fault out, can not clear the fault code, you need to do data recovery and initialization adjustments.

The first step data recovery

Remove the steering angle sensor, model 89245-0N020. Open the computer chip board to find eight-chip model: 24C02. Soldering the Chip With the programmer, write a new good data, at the end of this article will provide data download link.


After writing the good data into the 24C02, solder back and replace the sensor.

The second step initializes the adjustment

This step is critical, when we 24C02 data recovery, the first not to install on the hairspring. Get the car plug in the plug, connect the 431 diagnostic instrument, open the ignition switch to the ACC, with 431 into the ABS to eliminate trouble codes, and then look at the current number of 431 steering angle.

If the display is not zero, we turn the ignition off. Unplug the sensor plug, turn the sensor, then plug the plug, turn the ignition switch to ACC, and then through the 431 to see the number of angles. If the display is not zero degrees, continue to repeat the above steps to adjust. Until the adjustment is displayed as 0 degrees, the more the best adjustment to 0 degrees, you can allow positive and negative error of 5 degrees.

After zero, installed on the gossamer on it, and then all loading. Finally do a correction with the 431 yaw rate OK.

Note: After the sensor 24C02 data recovery, can not turn on the power sensor case, or failure to reproduce. 431 can be used to clear, do not adjust the sensor before the number of idle, or else to re-write 24C02 data. Even if you change the new steering angle sensor, do not understand the adjustment will appear this failure.

With 24c02 new data: