Do you need some useful guide or tips to enlarge your Autel DS708 memory card to 32GB? This blog will surely help you! (Some guy tested this way OK. You try on your own risk but it worth to try)



Why it is good to enlarge MaxiDAS DS708 memory card?

Higher capacity will make it easy when you have a long test drive and want to collect or save some files…


You need prepare 4 things:

  1. A new blank 32GB SD card (In general, DS708 come with a 4 or 8GB SD card)
  2. A SD card reader for your computer
  3. The four programs that store in DS708 CD
  4. Backup all files in your original SD card


  1. Now you can start it!

Step1. Install these four programs on your computer: DS708 Update, DS708 Printer, DS708 Datalogging and Remote Desk.



Step2. Install the new SD card driver. After that you can find a driver, choose “Open folder to view files using Window Explorer”


You can see the card memory is empty.



Step3. Open the DS708 Update program and enter your Autel account and password.


Check the checkbox as below then click “Install”



Step4. After that check the checkbox “Select All” then click “Update Selected Items” to start update all software. (Or you can just select which software you need) This process may cost you one hour or so. Please wait it complete with your patience!


  1. Update software complete! Exit the interface.



Step5. Now you can open the new 32GB card and find the folder “Scan” and “Make”.




That’s it! Hope this blog helps you work better with Autel MaxiDAS DS708!

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